Sonja Prstec legal counsel)

I don’t listen to One Direction! I have been working as a lawyer for last 12 years and last 3 years I’m focused on legal consultancy for technology projects and blockchain startups. I’m familiar with many of the current regulatory challenges around crypto assets, having acted as CLO for a Swiss based crypto-startup BITNATION GmbH, and designed and implemented their ICO. As a lawyer specialising in legal aspects of ICO’s and the fast changing regulatory landscape I would like to present legal framework and challenges behind the blockchain products development. Recently I started working as senior legal counsel at Status Research&Development GmbH Switzerland. My initial ideas include a comparative assessment of the present regulatory landscape, organised around key jurisdictions including Switzerland, Malta, Singapore, Gibraltar, Bermuda,etc. If you feel I would contribute to your conference topics would be more than glad to join. Looking forward to your reply.

Legal challenges of NFT (talk)

Apple is not happy with digital goods. They abruptly ordered Coinbase wallet to remove Crypto Collectibles. Within Apple’s app store review guidelines, there’s no specific language forbidding NFTs precisely, but Apple has indicated they are forbidden under its “In-App Purchase” rules. What to do??