Marko Zovko

Async Labs (Developer)

Started as PHP developer, then discovered the wild world of Javascript, and moved to frontend development with Angular.js, then moved back to serious development with Symfony. Then went back to the frontend. This time its React.js. Currently doing all of the above, recently added Blockchain development to the list, which I’m still learning (as we are all). Likes to be jack-of-all-trades, master of some.

How to build something like Ethereum Plasma from scratch (talk)

The main problem that Ethereum currently faces, at least in my opinion, is the question of scaling. Since scaling is a very general blockchain problem, and probably out of the scope of this talk, I will focus on creating a blockchain solution that uses a private blockchain. We are not trying to invent hot water, we are simply trying to use existing technologies in the Ethereum space to fit our needs.

Private blockchains offer a quick solution to scalability. If there are fewer nodes and transactions on the network - smaller the stress on the given network. With that in mind, to provide an even quicker solution to the biggest bottleneck - consensus algorithms, we are going to use Proof of Authority for our private blockchains. We are sacrificing decentralization for more speed in this case.

If we build a private blockchain with Ethereum, we can still write DApps in the same way we already do on the Mainnet, but the end users will get a little better/faster/cheaper user experience (and they won’t need real Ether).

Most interesting part of the solution is the bridge between the private network and Mainnet. I’m going to talk about some different ways I would solve that problem along with offering code examples.

How are we going to store the end result of our whole process on Ethereum Mainnet is a problem of smaller scope, the only important thing is that we store minimum needed information that is needed to support the use case we are solving. One simple use case we are trying to achieve is creating a blockchain based game that runs on a private network, but NFT tokens that represent items (or whatever value) in the game, can be traded on Ethereum Mainnet.