Filip Muki Dobranić



From hipsters to connoisseurs - (non)fungibility, demandingness, and life after NFTs (talk)

The workshop is for developers and non-developers alike. Anyone interested in blockchain (as well as NFT and similar specs) should be interested in it.

It is relevant because it analyses the social context of our current state of the art (at least as far as blockchains are concerned). It examines the economic and social nature of (non)fungibility and extrapolates those observations to a possible future beyond NFT specs.

Main points:

  • - fungibility as an economic/social term
  • - the difference between a hipster and a connoisseur
  • - how fungibility changed our meatworld economic consumption
  • - what non-fungibility means for digital goods that already exist
  • - what kind of digital goods can we expect when non-fungibility becomes a basic requirement of digital economics
  • - some concluding remarks on Walter Benjamin and The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction