Dejan Radić

Oroundo (CTO)

Dejan Radic is a CTO at Oroundo, currently managing development of blockchain based ticketing solution as well as various other projects in tourism industry. He is a passionate software engineer interested in various aspects of IT from theoretical computer science to agile project management. He studied computer science and informatics and holds a masters degree. During his studies, he engaged in extra-curricular activities and student exchange programs. After graduating with honors, he started working as an outsourcing developer. He worked on implementation of business applications for various international clients, lately using blockchain technology. Apart from working activities, he is a proven researcher in the field of database systems. He is a regular visitor and speaker at local meetups and scientific conferences. In his free time, he engages in sports activities.

Abstract factory pattern application on multi-contract on-chain deployments (talk)

Blockchain is a new technology having many glitches and limitations. Ethereum being the most popular smart contract platform has inherent limitations regarding block gas limit where sum of all block’s transactions gas limits can’t go over certain level. There are many use-cases where some contracts can be deployed directly on-chain (from another contract), because they have wide usage (for example ERC20 Token contracts).

If there are many variations of those contracts that can be deployed directly on-chain, deploying them from single contract is problematic since those variations cost gas, and it’s easy to exceed block gas limit. That’s where Abstract Factory pattern and separation of concerns comes in use.