Billy Rennekamp

Bin Studio (Co-founder, developer, artist)

Billy Rennekamp is an artist, developer and co-founder of Bin Studio, a multidisciplinary research, design and development studio based in Berlin, DE. He works on a variety of projects including Cosmos/Tendermint, Clovers Network, ENS Nifty, Doneth and MemeLordz. He recently received an ECF grant to continue work on Clovers Network, a game that rewards the creation of scarce art. He has recently finished as a technologist in resident at Pioneer Works in NYC.

Cheap, upgreadable metadata on a serverless stack (workshop)

This is a technical workshop for dapp developers. It will be a gentle introduction to intermediate/advanced techniques in Solidity as well as new techniques in the world of traditional web technologies that are applicable to beginner, intermediate and advanced developers.